Yueshikang (Allergy), Probiotics, The Best Supplements Designed for who is Susceptible for Allergy

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 The Best Supplements Designed for who is Susceptible for Allergy 

  Completely laboratory researches have been conducted for endurance of heat, acid, bile salts, and attachment of LP-BF35 strain; evidences shows 100 times of survival rate than other strains.

  LP-BF35 can survive under regular temperature that provides more conveniences for preserving and carrying.

  Patented Special Three-Layer Extracting Technology (preventing destroy polysaccharides during the extraction) can extract up to 53.2% purity ofβ(1→3),(1→6) polysaccharide.

  Patented anti-allergy BGN3 strain has been proven by double-blind clinical studies and many published papers that can help with fighting allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis.

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People are allergy-susceptible, weak immunity (infants, adults, pregnant women), frequent inflammation or susceptible to get cold, long course of cold symptoms, rehabilitation of physical operation, rehabilitation of cancer patients after chemotherapy, menopause women.

Supplement Facts
Lactobacillus paracasei LP-BF35 
Bifidobacterium bifidum BGN3
Bacillus coagulans

100, 40 packs / box, 2 grams powders / pack

Adjusting period:3 packs/day, sustaining period:1 or 2 packs/day,
after meals, pouring into mouth directly without water.

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