Tender Magic (Women's Beauty), Skin-Moisturing, Water Retention, Firm, Elastic, Tender, Moist

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Tender Magic
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Key Features

 Skin-Moisturing, Water Retention, Firm, Elastic, Tender, Moist 
Increasing natural skin-moisturing factors.
Enhancing water retention on skin.
Maintain the balance between water and oil and increase glossy on skin.
Improve on saggy recovery and reduce little wrinkles.
Edible for pregnant woman.

  Water-retention and tender.
  Improve collagen genesis.

Water retention—help with sustain keratinocytes, reducing water evaporating from skin and roughness.

Mosturing—help with water-replenish, keeping water-oil balance, radiant skin for dry, oily and sensitive skin.

Elastic skin—help with firming, againsting saggy skin and smooth fine lines.

Apply to
Man and woman or pregnant woman who are above 20 years old with dark, rough, dry and saggy skin tone; wrinkles, lines, and who suffers from atopic dermatitis.

Supplement Facts
Ceramide MC-5
N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG)
Hydrolyzed skate cartilage extract
Marine Collagen

30 packs / box, 4 grams powders / pack

1-2 packs / day, 10 minutes after meals, pouring into mouth directly with no water.

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