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 Double Protection 

  Completely laboratory researches have been conducted for endurance Double protection (vagina / urethral protection).

  Lactobacillus acidophilus (LA25) strain was screened from probiotic colonies in human vagina.

  Contain no antibiotic medicine,  for long-term  maintenance of probiotic condition in vagina and urethral.

  Fast effect on smell from leucorrhea in 24 hours, inhibiting harmful germs, acidifying urine.

  Reduce about 77% recurrence of urethral infection.

  Vegetarian food (dairy products).

Apply to
Women who are suffering from vaginitis (irritation and or itching of the genital area, inflammation: redness and swelling, foul vaginal odor), cervicitis, cervical erosion, endometritis, recurrence of infection after catheter ablation therapy, urethritis, cystitis, used to holding urine, sanitary pad users, gestation, lactation period, menopause, diabetes, long-term bedridden, long-term working stress, long-term stay-up, weak immunity.

Supplement Facts
Lactobacillus (STP4) 
Hibiscus sabdariffa (UTIRose)
Salvia officinalis L. (URSOLIA)

30 packs / box, 2.5 grams powders / pack

Sustaining period:1 or 2 packs / day, 2 packs for improve diarrhea recovery, after meals, pouring into mouth directly without water.

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