Mandelic Acid Essence, The Best Choice of Gentle Skin Renewer

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Mandelic Acid Essence
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Key Features

 The Best Choice of Gentle Skin Renewer 
Free of Alcohol
Free of Chemical 
Free of Chemical DTES 
Free of Fragrances 
Free of Preservatives

Contain 15% Mandelic acid, softly reduce skin rough problems, tender and smooth the skin. 


Mandelic acid
It is extracted from almond and has weaker irritability than fruit acids; it can be applied to aging skin and dark skin tone.

Hydrolyzed whole wheat protein
Low molecular weight whole wheat protein can protect skin from excitations in the surroundings.

Botanical extractions
Extractions from lots of botanicals which can regulate sebum secretion

Propanediol from corn syrup
It can further enhance the function of moisturizer for the excellent water retention effect.

It can relax and protect skin, sustain moisture, provide soft touching and smoothing skin.

Allantoin is well-known for softening the stratum corneum and skin water retention, it can tender and smooth the skin to prevent from dry, rough, easily irritated skin tone.

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