Lindin Guanjian (Joint Flexibility), Natural Supplement Facts Were Designed for Osteoarthritis Recovery and Maintain Flexibility of Joint

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Lindin Guanjian
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Key Features

 Natural Supplement Facts Were Designed for Osteoarthritis 
 Recovery and Maintain Flexibility of Joint 

  α-Mangistin extracted from Mangosteen, natural ingredients for anti-inflammation.

  Glucosamine is extracted from maize fermentation. Don’t worry about seafood allergy.

  100%NO BURDEN—Lowest sodium containing (0.2mg sodium containing per pack).

  100%SAFE—Without medicine, no side effects.

  100%CONVIENCE—designed for quickly-brewing, easy to carrying.

  100% VEGETARIAN FOOD—Ingredients from pure natural plants, without animal content.

Apply to
Men and women who are suffering from degenerative arthritis, histories of joint inflammatory induced by injury, joint pain and ache induced by stairring and walking,   cartilage degeneration or intend to prevent from bone spur developing, joint pain and uncomforted induced by long-term jogging, rheumatoid arthritis, long-term standing (counter sales / teachers / chefs / waiters) 

Supplement Facts
Planox  L.

30 packs / box, 5 grams powders / pack

Adjusting period:2 packs / day, sustaining period:1 packs / day, after meals, dissolving and blending in 150 c.c. warm water.

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