Helix Aspersa EGF Essence, The Best Choice of Aging and Impaired Skin

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Helix Aspersa EGF Essence
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Key Features

 The Best Choice of Aging and Impaired Skin 
Free of Alcohol
Free of Chemical 
Free of Chemical DTES 
Free of Fragrances 
Free of Preservatives

It can help with fighting skin aging, promoting skin elasticity and rebuilding.


Snail extractions
When snail moving forward with its heavy shell, it secrets mucus-like fluid to protecting it from harsh ground. According to the studies, the mucus-like fluid contains rich polysaccharides which can help snail keep moisture and prevent body from harm by the ground. Snail extraction can help with fighting skin aging, promoting skin elasticity, rebuilding and keeping moisture. 

Sodium Hyaluronate
It is a well-known and widely-used moisturizer, it can keep elasticity, prevent drought, sustain lubrication, and keep skin radiant.

Propanediol from corn syrup
It can further enhance the function of moisturizer for the excellent water retention effect.

“Baobob”(Adansonia) extractions
The plant Baobob is a typical common name of Adansonia, which distribute in Africa and Madagascar, reach heights of 5 to 30 m (16 to 98 ft) and have trunk diameters of 7 to 11 m (23 to 36 ft). What makes people amazing is their trunks can store up to 100,000 litres or 26,000 US gallons of water for survival. The extractions can help with moisture, promote the water retention, improve skin tone and comfort.

Davilla Rugosal Leaf extraction
It can help the function of collagens, protect collagens in skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles, and fight against oxidation.

It can relax and protect skin, sustain moisture, provide soft touching and smoothing skin.

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