Bright Magic (Women's Beauty), Anti-Oxidation, Anti-Maillard Reaction, Anti-Free Radicals

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Bright Magic
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Key Features

 Anti-Oxidation, Anti-Maillard Reaction, Anti-Free Radicals 
Inhibition of Maillard reaction and block melanoidin genesis.
Inhibition of free radicals.
Reduce freckles, aging and dark on skin.
Radiant skin.
Edible for pregnant woman.

  Reduce AGE formation.
  Increase anti-oxidiation capacity.
  Against free radicals effectively.

Anti-maillard reaction—helping with reducing AGEs(Advanced Glycation End Products) formation.

Anti-oxidation—helping with keeping skin radiant, stable improving anti-oxidation ability.

Anti-free radicals—Helping with protecting cells, clearing toxic in body.

Helping with changing skin tone from dark to radiant, blocking melanoidin formation, chelating Cu2+ and Fe2+ ions, inhibiting.

Apply to
Man, woman and pregnant woman who are suffering from dry, dark, pigmentation, uneven pigments distribution; frequently staying up and working overtime, smoking, drinking, skin-aging, exposing to strong sunlight, preferring to eat meat and sweet food, acidic constitution, oxidents and free-radicals, frequently feel tired and stressful.

Supplement Facts
sakura extract
Myrciaria dubia extract

30 packs / box, 4 grams powders / pack

Sustaining period:1 or 2 packs / day, 2 packs for improve diarrhea recovery. after meals, pouring into mouth directly without water.

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